• 29. Juni 2016, 20:13 Uhr
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WAYS meets Black i Blanc - Chor-Doppelkonzert

9. Juli 2016 um 18:00
St. Lukas-Kirche, Berlin

Samstag, 9. Juli 18:00 - 20:30, St. Lukas-Kirche, Bernburger Str. 4-5, 10963 Berlin

Konzert mit den Chören WAYS (Berlin) und Black i Blanc (Barcelona) - Gospel, Pop, RnB.

For the first time ever, two choirs from different countries and cities with one mutual artistic director: Gunars Kalnins!

Tickets: 10 Euro, erm. 8 Euro

WAYS – WithAllYourSenses: We are a choir who's singing "Songs with a meaning", some call it Soul, others Gospel, or Rhythm n Blues or even Popmusic. We just sing that kind of music.

Berlin meets Barcelona

Autor: Martina Wasser
aus Wilmersdorf